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Nakhon Sawan Tower

The tower was build on the top of the “Khli Ri Wong” mountain in order to be a tourist attraction. there are 20 storeys, 32 meters high.
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Jom Kiri Naka Phot Temple

Located on Bhud Naka Hill in Nakhonsawan City at the east side of Chao Phra Ya river before Dechatiwong Bridge. It is the ancient temple which believed that it was built by Myanmar Army in the first war to show that they also have faith in Buddhism.
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Woranath Banphot Temple (Khob Hill)

The temple is located on Khob Hill, in the Nakhonsawas municipality office. In 1921, Somdej Prajao Barommawongther Krom Praya Dumrong Racha Nupap found the stone inscription near the Khob Hill which told about how one of the older King places the Buddha’s footprint.
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Wat Si Sawan Sangkharam (Wat Thue Nam)

Wat Si Sawan Sangkharam, an old historic temple , is about 4 kilometers from the city of Nakhon Sawan, towards the Chiraprawat Military Camp. It used to be the site for the
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Accommodation guide

Aramis hotel & residence

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Beverly Hill park hotel

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Maihom Resort hotel

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Restaurant guide

Green House Coffee

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Baan Sila

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thongbai bakery

The Thong Bai Bakery is a rather new Bakery Coffee Shop in Town. They offer a good selection of Cakes Pastries and make excellent Coffee . In the Coffee Shop you find modern and
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Swan Soft Cake

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God and Goddess worshipping festival

It is the tradition of Thai-Chinese people who live here. It celebrates every year during the Chinese New Year Festival, for the good luck sake. This festival started since 1932 until now.

The festival of the Illuminated Boat Procession

The narrow boats racing festival

The narrow boats racing festival was started by the people who live on the side of the river. They race during the end of the Buddhist lent or around October to November every year.

Songkran Festival


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