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Khlong Wang Chao National Park
Khlong Wang Chao National Park is located approximately 43 kilometres from Mueang Kamphaeng Phet. It is an abundant forest, covering an area of 466,875 rai. There is a dense wildly grown teak forest with many splendid waterfalls. It was acclaimed a national park on 29 August, 1990. Moreover, nearby the national park stands a Karen village where the original lifestyle of the hilltribe people still remains. Interesting Attractions within the National Park are as follows:Namtok Khlong Wang Chao is 1.5 kilometres from the National Park Office with a height of 20 metres.Namtok Khlong Samo Kluai is a 4-tiered waterfall located 1.5 kilometres from the National Park Office with water flowing throughout the year. Pha Tang Viewpoint is 3 kilometres from the National Park Office, on the way to Lo Kho Village where the sunset descending behind the hillsides can be admired.Geyser in this area are 2 spots; namely, on the way to Namtok Khlong Pong and to Namtok Tao Dam for a distance of 1,500 metres. Namtok Khlong Pong is a 4-tiered slate water-fall with a height of 100 metres. Lin Mangkon - Habenaria rhodo- cheila - in the orchid family can be found within the area of this waterfall. Visitors who take a trip to the waterfall have to stay overnight as well. Namtok Tao Dam has 3 tiers. It is a large waterfall whose water drops from the cliff. Each tier is over 200 metres high. It is 35 kilometres from the National Park Office. The route to the waterfall is not easily accessible; therefore, a four-wheeled driven vehicle is recommended. Nature Study Route “Suan Phai” covers a distance of 2 kilometres where there are more than 20 kinds of bamboo to be researched and studied.Accommodation: There is accommodation, camping areas, and restaurants provided for tourists. For further information, please contact the Khlong Wang Chao National Park at P.O. Box..

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