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San Phra Isuan (The Siva Shrine)
This shrine is situated behind the Provincial Court. The structure is of square sand stone base with 1.5 meters high floor and a staircase. On the Chooe,Chee pedestal there is a bronze of Isuan God,cast during the period of Governor Chaowas Sudlapha, (the genuine image is displayed in Kamphaeng Phet National Museum.) During the reign of King Rama V, however, a German tourist to Kamphaeng Phet secretly removed the head and hands of there idol and brought them to Bangkok in 1886. The Ruler of Kamphaeng Phet notified Bangkok about the incident and H.M. the King had personally requested the return of the head and hands. A replica was cast and graciously given as a replacement, which is now displayed in the Museum of Berlin,West Germany. ..

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